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"My job's satisfying because it's quantifiable - we can measure the impact changes have on the business." David Stott is a Credit Risk Analyst for Secure Trust Bank. He monitors the performance of the consumer lending portfolio to ensure it meets our Responsible Lending policy, using the data to make recommendations that help ensure customers are provided with affordable finance options.

He works across retail finance, motor finance and personal lending - starting at the point of application and monitoring consumer loans to the end of their lifecycle. The team uses a business analytics software called SAS (Statistical Analysis System) to extract and analyse advanced data and business intelligence.

"SAS gives us scope for detailed reporting - and with more complex ways of searching, we're better equipped to investigate problems. It's a powerful tool."

It's a long way from a temporary filing job in Human Resources. That's where David started five years ago after doing well in his A levels. He took a fixed term contract as an apprentice, and was offered a permanent role when that came to an end.

"I was in HR for about 2 ½ years and then moved into Lending Operations where I was responsible for all their reporting, feeding back to middle management and heads of departments. Lending Ops interacts with the customers throughout the lending process - from application and account management to collections and repayment.

"I learned a lot in that department - and completed an Open University degree in Business Studies - so it felt right to move onwards and upwards."

"The job I'm doing now is harder, more technical and much more challenging and that's why I enjoy it so much. I was trained on SAS when I started, and I recently won an Outstanding Achievers award - a few of us are being rewarded with a holiday to Copenhagen this year!

Secure Trust also put me through a Team Leader course. That's great experience because it's given me the knowledge to move up to a management role at some point in the future. I feel like they're investing in me.

We're very performance-driven in Credit Risk - we have to be because we work to strict deadlines. I can't go into a meeting if I haven't got the information I need to present, so it's important to be organised and prepared."

"It's a really supportive team - there are people here who have been doing the job much longer than me, and they're always ready to help. I can ask them anything I need to."