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"I love working here. We're driving the right values and we really look after our customers." Gareth is the Senior Collections Manager at Debt Managers (Services) Ltd. He oversees 120 employees within Collections, develops and maintains relationships with clients, takes responsibility for meeting revenue targets and manages the teams who have the often challenging job of helping vulnerable customers in financial difficulties.

Gareth is 26. He started on the phones nine years ago.

Gareth's progression at DMS has been extraordinary and largely driven by his own determination and drive. However, he says that if you have the ambition to succeed, you'll get all the support you could ever want.

Starting in the call centre after taking his 'A' levels, he was promoted to Team Senior after a year and a half, then Team Manager.

"It was quite a challenge having to manage 12 people but I did it. And I also started on a development plan because I was keen to progress."

Through this, Gareth became involved with an intensive debt sale project which gave him an opportunity to learn and show how capable he was. He had his sights set on a promotion to Collections Manager but his first interview was unsuccessful. It didn't put him off - "I just tried harder" - and in January 2015, he went for the job again and got it.

Now after just a year, he's been promoted again, this time to Senior Collections Manager, and he's also studying for his Credit Services Association (CSA) Diploma. The CSA is the voice of the debt collection industry and he knows this qualification will help him progress even further.

"Balancing a new job and more responsibility with studies is tough, but everyone's really supportive. They're flexible and I can manage my own workload."

"I'm new to this role and I know I've got a lot to learn. But I've got my sights set on becoming a Director next, and after that, who knows?"

"I've got no plans to leave - I want to stay here and help move the business forward. It would be great if I could play a part in creating more opportunities."