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How our account works

We understand the pressures on today’s busy lifestyles and our current account was created to help you manage your money.

So how does it work?

It’s easiest to think of our Current Account and the MasterCard® Prepaid Card as two separate ‘pots’ for your money, helping you manage it better and put money aside for regular payments such as your monthly bills.

Prepaid Mastercard

You can move money between your Current Account and Prepaid Card free of charge using our automated load service, or any time to suit you using your Internet Banking or automated telephone banking service*.

But it can also help you manage your money more effectively because you can use your Current Account to set aside money to pay your bills.

*Our 24/7 telephone and internet banking service may be briefly suspended for routine maintenance in the early hours of the morning.

Managing your account

If you have an account with us, you will probably find it useful to register for our automated telephone banking service, as well as our internet banking.

Paying money in and taking money out

We’ve made it really easy to pay into your Secure Trust Bank Current Account in a number of ways and you can also take out up to £500 per day....Find out more about managing your account.

Payments online

We understand that you will increasingly be looking to make purchases on-line and we want to make sure that you can do this securely.

You can protect your Secure Trust Bank MasterCard® Prepaid Card by setting up your own password. This means that only you are able to approve any purchases made on-line. And just like buying in person it's easy, safe and free of charge.

Click here to go to Secure Trust Bank's MasterCard® SecureCode website