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Being secure online

Your security on-line is of the utmost importance to us so we have put together some guidelines to help you stay safe when banking or shopping online. Bank Safe Online, a Government-backed organisation that deals with banking security, offers a number of tips to help banking customers avoid scams and bank safely online:

Remember your password and other security information; destroy your PIN notification or other security information as soon as you receive it.
Use strong passwords, and include at least seven characters with a mix of letters and numbers.
Never use the same word for your memorable word and password.
Never write down or record your password or other security information.
Keep your password and other security information secret at all times; never reveal to anyone, including family and friends.
Use a different password for your Internet Banking service than you do for any non-banking sites.
Never leave your computer unattended when logged in to internet banking.
Always ensure that you log out properly when you have finished with your internet banking service.
Be aware of email scams. Never respond to any emails that ask for your personal information or Internet Banking log on details. We will never send emails asking you to provide personal information or to confirm your Internet Banking details.
Install anti-virus software. Installing anti-virus software can help you prevent computer viruses, anti-virus isn’t just for computers, take steps to ensure all your devices including tablets and mobile phones are protected by downloading applicable software.
Wireless connection security. Secure your home wireless network with a password, your internet service provider or wireless router manufacturer should be able to help you do this.

Visit bank Safe online for more information.

Making your internet banking secure

Online security is of the utmost importance to us. As a Secure Trust Bank Current Account customer, you receive a unique customer number and a unique single use password to access your Internet Banking.  The first time you use it you are then asked to choose a new password.

If your Prepaid Card is lost or stolen, report it straight away using our internet banking service or by calling our 24-hour automated telephone system on 03451 117 117.*