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Straightforward Transparent Lending

As one of the UK's best capitalised banks, we have a genuine opportunity to help those under-served by the high street.

We're bringing our unique brand of straightforward transparent banking to the mortgage market. Nothing revolutionary. Nothing complicated. Just fast, clear, more accessible mortgages, all delivered in a remarkably honest way.

What we do

Straightforward Transparent Lending. These aren't just three words conjured up around a boardroom table, by some clever marketing types. These are three words designed to help the UK's 4.6 million self-employed, the contract workers, those with complex income and those with a poor credit history that has recently been restored to good health - all of which find themselves at a disadvantage in the mortgage market.

As we've said, we're not promising or planning a revolution, just promising competitive rates, flexible criteria and smart systems that make life easier, business brisker and every single step clearer.

  • 100% intermediary focused
  • Considering each case individually
  • Flexible criteria, so a strong case never goes ignored
  • Fast, honest decisions
  • Underwritten by people with a desire to lend
  • Lending from one of the UK's best capitalised banks
Underwriting you can love

Accessible, knowledgeable, flexible - human even. That's our Underwriters. We treat every case on its own merits, using our criteria as an intelligent guide, not an insurmountable hurdle.

So, if you have a good case we want to talk to you.

Your time is precious. We won't waste it.

Our remarkably honest approach, isn't just a gimmick, it's all about getting you and your clients where you want to be quicker, with minimum stress and maximum success. You'll see this in everything we do, even on this website; all the nice but inconsequential brand'ey stuff is at the bottom of the page where you can ignore it if you like, all the important stuff like our Lending Policy, Products & Rates are exactly where you need them - one click away.

This same practical approach applies to our lending. You'll have easy access to informed people, you'll get clear answers, have calls returned, receive prompt requests and decisions, enjoy consistently great service and always know what the next step is. So, it'll all be fast, fair and fully informed.

Service with a smile

We know we're too new to mortgages to have earned any accolades, but as the only UK bank to hold the Governments' Customer Service Excellence award - it's really just a matter of time!

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