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    90 Day Notice Account - 1.30% AER
    2 Year Fixed Rate Bond - 1.75% AER

    Terms and conditions apply, minimum deposit £1,000, UK residents only

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Notice Account FAQs

What is the current interest rate on my account? Take a look at our Accounts, Interest Rates and Charges document to find out the current interest rate on your account.
Why do I need a memorable word? We want to make sure your money is as protected as possible. Adding a memorable word means your account is more secure.
Can I withdraw my funds early on a notice account? Unfortunately not. You must give the full notice required on your account – check your terms and conditions for all the details.
What payment method can I use to pay into my account? You can pay in by Faster Payments, BACS (electronic transfer) or by cheque. If you want to pay in by cheque, just include your name and full account details on the reverse so we can ensure the cheque is paid into the correct account.
What payment method can I use to withdraw from my account? You can withdraw by BACS – just let us know the right Sort Code and Account Number. We can also offer cheque withdrawals at a charge of £2.50 per cheque.
Can I request a CHAPS payment? We’re sorry, but we do not offer this service.
How can I review my balance on my account? Just give us a call on 03451 117 092 or send us a letter. We are sorry, but we cannot let you see your balance online at the moment.
Can I have a tax certificate? Of course! Just give us a call on 03451 117 092 or write us a letter and we will get it sorted. You will need to request a new tax certificate each time you need one.
Can I get a duplicate statement? Yes – there is a charge of £5.00 per duplicate statement for this service.
How is my interest paid? You will need to check your full terms and conditions so you get the right information for your account, but interest is paid on all savings accounts either quarterly or annually.
Can I withdraw my interest? Yes! You can withdraw your interest quarterly, when the interest is paid. If you have a Bond Account, interest will be paid annually.
Can I have my interest sent to me automatically? Yes, of course. Once you have requested your first withdrawal of interest, just let us know that you would like to happen automatically from then on.