Bonds FAQs

What is a Bond? This is a ‘receipt’ issued by a Bank or Building Society (or Savings Institution). It certifies the ownership of a fixed term deposit. It is not transferable.
Who are Bonds available to? Our Bonds are available to personal and business customers only.
What is the minimum deposit I can make into a Bond Account? The minimum deposit into a Bond Account is £1,000.
How can I pay funds into my Bond Account? There are a few ways you can pay into your Bond Account:
  • Through internal transfer from an existing Secure Trust Bank Account
  • By electronic payment
  • By cheque – just make sure you write your name and address on the reverse
How often can I pay into my Bond Account? You can pay into the Bond Account for as long as the Account is open to new deposits, but unfortunately we cannot accept any payments once the Bond has closed to deposits.
Will my interest be credited to my Bond Account? No – it will be paid to your nominated bank account annually on the next working day following 31 December.  Interest will also be paid when your Bond matures.
Can I make a withdrawal from my Bond? Unfortunately not – no withdrawals are allowed on a Fixed Term Bond.