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Residential Property Investment

Residential Property Investment

Our residential property investment loans could be the right fit for you if you’re looking to invest in residential property to generate a return.

From investment loans designed to help acquire a property to refinance loans capable of replacing an existing agreement, our products can set you on your way to generate capital appreciation as quickly as possible.

What is Residential Property Investment?

A residential property investment loan enables you to purchase or refinance a residential property with the intention of generating income or capital appreciation.

This type of investment can take many forms, including purchasing single-family homes, apartments or studios, student accommodation, multiple occupancy buildings or social housing properties. Refinancing an existing property loan may also be possible for those looking to replace an existing investment loan with a new one. 

Residential property investment can provide you with a stable, long-term source of passive income and also serve as a hedge against inflation. 

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How to finance your Residential Property Investment

Row of housesOur residential property investment loans enable property investors, funds, or landlords to acquire or refinance assets. We offer specialised short and mid-term residential investment loans suitable for various property types.

Once you get in touch with our property investment finance experts, the process is simple.

An initial discussion or discovery phase will allow us to establish every aspect of your needs with the aim of ensuring you can finance your investment project without hassle. From that initial discussion to the final commitment and drawdown of the loan, we will work with you every step of the way.

As a starting point, these factors will determine your eligibility to qualify for one of our finance options:

  • Your residential property is in England, Scotland or Wales
  • Your desired loan amount is between £2m - £45m
  • You have relevant experience

About our Residential Property Investment Loan

Our specialist loan is designed to support your investment in freehold or long leasehold residential property assets, including private rental sector, houses, apartments, and HMOs. This loan can also be used to refinance existing assets and offers.

Key features

Minimum loan size £2,000,000
Maximum loan size £45,000,000
Max term 5 years
Drawdown Single and multiple tranches offered
Repayment Interest only and repayment offered
Max LTV 70%

Lending criteria

Terrace housesProperty types

  • Existing units, including houses, houses of multiple occupation, apartments, and studios in low- or high-rise blocks

Borrower types

  • Individuals, partnerships, and UK corporate borrowing entities
  • UK-based ultimate owners
  • Experienced with a demonstrable track record


  • First legal charge over the property
  • Debenture over the borrower
  • Personal or corporate guarantees
  • Other security as required


  • Freehold or long leasehold

Other things to consider

  • A historic record of occupancy and operating costs will be required
  • There may be a small element of commercial property within the portfolio

“As we look to grow our business in the UK, it is important for us to build long-term relationships with reliable funding partners. We found the Secure Trust Bank team collaborative and pragmatic in their approach. We hope to continue to work together as we look ahead to new projects.”

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Maia Real Estate

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We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your development goals with lending solutions tailored to meet your specific project needs.

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Our relationship led approach means your Relationship Director will manage the process through the life of the loan.

We’re here to help guide you through your Residential Property Investment journey. Tell us about your needs, and we will be happy to help.