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Matured Funds Access ISA

Variable rate of interest
earn 2.25% AER*
2.25% gross pa

Key features

  • Variable Rate Access ISA
  • Account can be managed by Internet Banking or by phone
  • Deposit of maturing balance only; no further funds can be added
  • Transfers are not permitted into this Cash ISA
  • Funds in this ISA will not count towards current tax year's savings, and will be classed as previous years' ISA savings
  • Maximum £1,000,000 account balance (excluding credit interest)
  • Maximum £1,000,000 aggregate balance across all products held (excluding credit interest)
  • No partial withdrawals permitted; full closure or transfer only
  • Interest paid annually into a Nominated Account or credited to this ISA
  • Statements issued annually
  • Statements are provided via Internet Banking, with the ability to download and print or the option to change to paper if required

Pros and cons

  • Access your money without notice
  • Manage your account online or by phone
  • No further funds can be added
  • No partial withdrawals or transfers allowed
  • Interest rate is variable - could increase or decrease


Matured Funds Access ISA

2.25% AER* / 2.25% gross pa

Interest is calculated daily and paid on 31 December. Your interest will be added to your Matured Funds Access ISA or paid away to your Nominated Account, as per your maturing Cash ISA.

Yes, we can vary your interest rate. We will notify you as per your Terms and Conditions - please see clause 15 of the Cash ISA Terms and Conditions for more information.

Your estimated balance would be £1,022.50 based on a deposit of £1,000 after 12 months.

This is for illustrative purposes only, does not take into account individual circumstances and makes the following assumptions:

  • Your initial deposit is paid into the ISA when it is opened
  • No further deposits are made/allowed
  • Interest is added to your Cash ISA

An account will automatically open following the maturity of your Fixed Rate Cash ISA where no instructions are received.

Deposits into the Cash ISA will be from your existing Fixed Rate Cash ISA only; no subsequent deposits will be accepted.

How to manage the account:

Accounts are managed by Internet Banking or by telephone on 0345 111 7092.

Statements are provided via Internet Banking, with the ability to download and print or the option to change to paper if required.

Partial withdrawals are not permitted from this Cash ISA. You can withdraw your funds from this Cash ISA in full at any time without giving notice by logging in to Internet Banking and requesting a closure.

Remember, if you withdraw your savings, they'll lose their tax-free status unless you transfer them to another ISA (see below).

To transfer your ISA savings to another ISA provider:

  • Give your transfer instructions to your new ISA provider. They'll carry out the ISA transfer for you
  • Don't transfer ISA savings yourself (using a normal transfer) because the money will lose its tax-free status

'Tax-free' means you're not liable to UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on the interest earned. The value of tax benefits we describe depends on individual circumstances. Tax treatment may be subject to change in the future. For more information, please visit HMRC at

* AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded on an annual basis.