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With lockdown and shielding forcing us to stay at home, there are fraudsters ready to take advantage of the extra online traffic as well as turn up at your front door. Here's how to keep safe this festive season.


There are some things you'll need to know before deciding whether or not a bond is right for you, so it's time to find out more. In essence, a bond is a type of savings account that usually lasts for a number of years.

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If you're looking to save for the future, it can be difficult to know what is the best savings account for you. Locking away money is important, but you don't want it locked away for a long time. Time to find out about Notice Accounts.

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If you're looking at ISAs, you'll discover that there are stocks & shares ISAs, lifetime ISAs, innovative finance ISAs and cash ISAs. So let's dig deeper and find out some more information about these different ISA products.

Have you ever had those moments in life where you've been disappointed to find something isn't quite what you thought it would be? It's happened to us all, but it really doesn't have to be that way with a savings account.

Whilst some choose to spend money on material goods to feel joy, pleasure can also be derived from saving money and seeing the balance grow over time. And that can be good for your mental wellbeing, too.

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In 'Is a smart home a smart choice' we looked at some of the tech that can save you money, but there are still a number of additional things you can do to help you cut down the overall cost of your energy bills.

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Having a few pounds around the house can be useful for small unexpected payments, like a takeaway or the window cleaner, but how much have you got tucked away? And could your money be doing more for you?

The Great British Bake Off is back, but whilst the contestants may know the perfect recipe for a cake, what ingredients do you need to make a notice account? And how long will it take for your savings to rise like a Victoria sponge?

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