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Fixed rate bond or fixed rate cash ISA? When it comes to getting a high interest rate, which should you choose? We look at the differences between these two fixed rate savings accounts that you should know.

According to, notice account interest rates continue to beat easy access accounts, with notice accounts having a rate that is on average 0.34 per cent higher than that offered on easy access accounts.

If you're looking at savings accounts and can't decide between a fixed rate or a variable rate account, we'll take a look at both and explain the difference to show you the pros and cons of each that you should know.

The appeal of a notice account is that you'll usually receive a higher interest rate than you would normally get on an easy access account. But what do you need to know before opening one? And how does a notice account work?

You've worked hard to create your nest egg. You've seen early starts and late nights, but now you've got savings to put away for the future. And if you're looking to get the best ISA rate, here's a few things you should know.

Twenty-one years ago we met the ISA; a new product to replace PEPs and TESSAs. The Fixed Rate Cash ISA is just one form of ISA that has reached this milestone age. But what kind of ISAs are available and what do you need to know?

You've probably been wondering about opening a joint savings account. If you're thinking about whether or not it's suitable for both of you and your needs, we're here to tell you more about joint savings accounts.

If you're not too distracted by the shoulder pads, it's fascinating to look back at Tomorrow's World from the '80s; especially when they talk about 'the home of tomorrow' and devices connected to 'the information superhighway'.

We're currently experiencing a very unusual situation with the enforced lockdown due to Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, but there are online criminals that are taking advantage of people's natural fears and uncertainty.

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