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3 Year Fixed Rate Bond

Fixed rate of interest for the term
earn 4.75% AER*
4.75% gross pa
You may have difficulty completing our online application using a screen reader. Find out how to apply by telephone instead.

Pros and cons

  • Guaranteed return on your savings
  • Manage your account online or via the app
  • Higher interest rates than other savings accounts
  • You can't withdraw money before the term ends
  • If interest rates increase you won't benefit

This account has limited availability and can be withdrawn at any time. 

To apply for an account, you must have a UK current account in your name to use as your Nominated Account.

This will be the account you use to make payments in and out of this account, so it's important that your Nominated Account uses an identical account number and sort code for money in and out.

Key features

  • Fixed maturity date of 26 July 2027
  • Account can be managed by Internet Banking, app or phone
  • Minimum £1,000 deposit must be made within 30 days of opening the account
  • Minimum £1,000 for each deposit
  • Electronic payments only; cheques are not accepted
  • Maximum £1,000,000 account balance (excluding credit interest)
  • Maximum £1,000,000 aggregate balance across all accounts held (excluding credit interest)
  • No withdrawals can be made during the term of the bond
  • Interest paid annually into a Nominated Account or credited to the Bond
  • Statements issued annually
  • Statements are provided via Internet Banking, with the ability to download and print or the option to change to paper if required
  • On the maturity date, if you don't give us instructions, we'll automatically transfer the balance into a Matured Funds Access Account

Help & FAQs

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3 Year Fixed Rate Bond (26.Jul.27)

4.75% AER*

Interest is calculated daily and applied on 31 December and on maturity. You can choose to have your interest added to your Fixed Rate Bond or paid away to your Nominated Account.

No, the interest rate is fixed. This means that the rate of interest payable on your account will remain the same from the time you open your account until the end of the fixed rate period.

Your estimated balance would be £1,149.38 based on a deposit of £1,000 after 36 months.

This is for illustrative purposes only, does not take into account individual circumstances and makes the following assumptions:

  • Your initial deposit is paid into the Bond when it is opened
  • No further deposits are made
  • Interest is added to your Bond

To open an account you must:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Reside in the UK
  • Be the account holder (not a Power of Attorney or Third Party)
  • Have a minimum deposit of £1,000

The minimum operating balance is £1,000, and the maximum balance for the account, excluding credit interest, is £1,000,000.

Please be advised the maximum aggregate balance across all accounts held is £1,000,000.

How to open the account and pay in:

  • You must apply for the product online via the application link
  • Deposits into the Bond must be from your Nominated Account by electronic payment; cheques are not accepted
  • If we cannot electronically verify that funds have been sent from an account in your name, they will be returned
  • Each deposit into the account must be a minimum of £1,000
  • You may only pay into your Fixed Rate Bond in the 30 days after the account opens

How to manage the account:

Accounts are managed by Internet Banking, app or phone.

Statements are provided via Internet Banking, with the ability to download and print or the option to change to paper if required.

We do not provide Internet Banking for a Power of Attorney or Third Party.

Withdrawals are not permitted on this account.

The maturity date is 26 July 2027.

We will contact you prior to maturity to let you know your options.

At maturity, if you don't give us any instructions, we'll automatically transfer the money in this account to our Matured Funds Access Account. We'll send you details of the Matured Funds Access Account when we contact you before maturity.

Any interest earned will be paid gross; we will not deduct tax from interest accrued on your savings. Please consider your Personal Savings Allowance as to whether you need to pay tax on the interest earned.

Tax treatment may be subject to change in the future. For more information, please visit HMRC at

This account is a strictly limited issue and can be withdrawn at any time. Once withdrawn, there is a limited window to make any deposits and any funds received after this time will be returned to you. We will not contact you to let you know when the Fixed Rate Bond is withdrawn.


* AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded on an annual basis.